Chinese New Year!


The sign showing aiport.

Chinese New Year is falling on February 10, and would be the year of a snake. The fifteen days celebration is a hierarchy of cultural feasts. India shares its borders with China in the north east, besides Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and Bhutan. Neighbouring countries have influenced their culture and had left their mark in places located near and around.
Cosmopolitan cities house in themselves Chinese fast foods cooked by locales for visitors both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Chinese lamps are found for sale in malls priced at around Rs.90/- that are good for occasional events and celebrations. The only Chinatown in India exists in eastern Kolkata welcoming with their esteemed restaurants.



Happy New Year!

January 2013 Another spin-in-spin begins turning dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. The whole revolution can be about 70 to 75 in any human age. The remaining life left for any person can easily be counted upon. Every person lives…