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Breathing for living

It did not take me long to understand the upside-down baby which is born is made to breathe. But this could be just a help because what is more understood is the baby wants to breathe. All living being wants…


10th Winter Film Festival 2020, Bidhannagar (Salt Lake City), Kolkata

Film Program

Bidhannagar Film Society in association with Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (EZCC, Ministry of Culture, Government of India) and Federation of Film Societies of India (Eastern Region) is celebrating 10th Winter Film Festival at Aikatan, EZCC locating at IA-190, Bidhannagar, Kolkata.

The annual film festival is screening three shows every day from 23rd January. The festival will end on 27th January, 2020. The series of films is beginning at 1600 hours with a documentary movie by EZCC. The documentary movies are creative composition of India’s cultural, religious, and social life. At 1700 hours and 1900 hours are international films as per the pre-released program.

Annual members and life members enjoy the shows conducted by society all year long. Non-members can view the shows with prior permission at the venue and there is no entry fee. Film society is accepting new members, both annual and life. Membership fee is nominal.


Society’s souvenir has text articles written by the esteemed members who’re actors, artists, producers and directors. The souvenir contains synopsis of the movies that are screening in the festival. A copy can be obtained on request at the venue.

Earning on loan for vacation.

Taking a loan, enjoying a vacation and earning from it. It is not simple, however when equation falls right there is an invention, and feeling of excitement is an assurance of a paid vacation with an earning throughout a life.…

Children’s Day

Any nation is made by its people. People who’re family and family in making is by the birth of every child, in that family. Good leaders have chalked out the equation by saying, a nation is made by its children and the…

Summer Solstice – June 2013

June 2013 Father’s Day and the longest day of the season fall this month, the June. The source of energy in the solar system, scientifically and king of all the planets, craftily, the Sun shows off its performance at its…

A week with baby

Baby where do you want to go…everyone wants to know. Sunday, you woke up in your dreams and rolled in my arms, And then you saw me hugging tight, you rolled towards me and smiled. Baby where do you want…