Hello! My name is Webo, I write for MilkyDwarf, Web Magazine’s Blog and Forum. I keep an eye on events, topics and promotions on the web. My email address is webo@milkydwarf.in.

About Blog we believe: A blog is an internet term. It is a section of a website where contents are published chronologically. A blog with up-to-date information is an e-journal published on the internet. These are thoughts of a blogger with a web link. The information is individualistic in nature. The very first blogger which many regards was Jorn Barger. He posted his best findings on the net through his web page, on a daily basis. David Winer blogged on the internet with scripting news and Cameron Barrett blogged on CamWorld alongside Mr. Barger, which happened as read around 23rd, December 1997.

A blogger is a person who blogs. A place for the community of people blogging and bloggers are termed blogosphere, blogland, blogistan, blogspace or blogdom. MilkyDwarf, Web Magazine’s blog is a medium to advertise, publish and inform internet user just about new happenings on the internet. Blog published on this site is delivered to Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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