Breathing for living

Four days, two and a half hours online meditation and breathing workshop

It did not take me long to understand the upside-down baby which is born is made to breathe. But this could be just a help because what is more understood is the baby wants to breathe. All living being wants to breathe without which there would be pain. Thus, the pain may make a person breathless.
This is the time when it is important to make the breathing influence the pain that vanishes gradually and quickly as the nature might be.
What happened when there was all free breathing for the baby. I find that the baby is happy, even happier to fight and play. I want to be fighting fit all the time of the day and the night, and even all of my life. Breathing exercises is making me happier. I felt happy when I cure my hiccups in the middle of the assembly by three deep breaths. Thereafter I kept looking for more.
21 days meditation challenge for beginners is changing my life. Thirty minutes evening session during this lockdown is ending my treasure hunt for a happy and fit life. The challenge ended successfully and I found my self enrolling for advanced 20 days meditation challenge and four days, two and a half hours, online meditation & breathe workshop. The workshop guide being Doctor Virat Chirania (facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube)

Online meditation and breathing workshop

The breathing workshop, a treasure which I am looking for is online. It is finishing today with lots of love and work. I am now working to cure yawn, burp and headache.
Yawn, burp and headache are an expression that propels negativity in the environment. The positive energy must be at work all the time for a healthful and happy living. I can feel the energy around converting to more positive than negative. The breathing exercise called as ‘sudarshan kriya’ has given a start of a breathing that has magical powers. A magical power because none other than an exercise can bring in the lost energy inside a body.

Four days for healthy life

The four sources of energy which are breath, food, happiness and sleep are together making the magic work. The magic because the sudden change in the environment around works not only on the practiser himself but by other living beings around. It is very important to breath, eat, be happy and sleep better for a healthy life. This requires regular exercises. Exercise that are better in a team of people and with a guide, guru or teacher.