Reading Cinema And Film Appreciation In Kolkata

3 Days, Film Appreciation Course, Summer 2017, Kolkata.

Films are recordings of objects through a camera. Recordings have a purpose, which is saving the acts of living objects, subjects and sharing them with the world. Objects and lives in recordings are importance given by the eyes that intend to give the real views their true importance. The eyes carry cameras where recordings find their place forever.

A film leaves an impact on all of us whether we remember or forget them in times. We learn from what we see and leave us as one known entity who knows about the scenes, acts, and compositions.

What is a film? How are films made? Why people make films? Where are films made? The basic questions of the wonder minds are sometimes easy to answer. It wouldn’t be easy to learn about the perfection that film gives to the world.

The three days workshop on aspects of film-making introduces cinema fans to one of the most talked about creation in the world.

The 3-day workshop in the city of Kolkata will be held twice in the southern part of the town and the eastern part of the city on the dates 19th of July to 23rd and 24th of July to 26th respectively.

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Learn. how to read cinema.

Film Appreciation Course, Summer 2017.

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