7th Winter Film Festival, Bidhannagar, Kolkata.

Bidhannagar Film Society in EZCC, Aikatan

Bidhannagar Film Society began the 7th Winter Film Festival with their new magazine.

Bidhannagar Film Society, BFS is seven years old film society formed in Salt Lake City, Kolkata dated 20th July 2005. It is a non-profit society and a member of Federation of Film Societies in India, FFSI, Eastern Zone. The society assembles for film screenings and discussion regularly at Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, EZCC, Bidhannagar. The society has been active at its work for over ten years. The society of people stands established as cinema lovers in the city. As the world around us and the world of cinema exchanges lives, the society is with and following the change in technology, art, and commerce of cinema making.

EZCC, Aikatan

Six days Winter Film Festival in the city will show twelve movies at the EZCC theater in Bidhannagar. The 7th Winter Film Festival will end on 26th January, with the screening of a film this festival titled ‘Chittagong’.

The film society gives annual and life membership to admirers of cinema. MilkyDwarf, world wide web Magazine feels good this season to be part of the festival and enjoys life membership of the society.

People from diverse areas of life enjoy film festival with their families and friends. Car parking is ample around the cultural center and mobile ringtone has prohibition inside the auditorium.

Film Festival Card