Summers are hot, and summers are warm. The source of heat is only one, the king of planets, the Sun, the object of energy and life on earth. The spring equinox is the hottest point on the axis, the Earth is placed on, accounted in the name of the month, and that is April and May. These months are hot and warm that burns the anti-life particles and objects on the planet expectedly.
The heat and the warmth brought a new discovery in the camp, and that is healing mouth ulcers using hot water. The use of hot water on yellow tops around the tongue and inner mouth areas relieves from burns and pains. Regular use can even cure mouth ulcers in few days.
Drinking hot water may sound ridiculous in this weather, but if it is said drinking refrigerated water that is pre-boiled would not be funny. This is refreshing and gives germ-free water, best produced at home.
World health day this month on 8th and Earth day on 22nd April 2013.