Happy New Year!

January 2013

Another spin-in-spin begins turning dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. The whole revolution can be about 70 to 75 in any human age. The remaining life left for any person can easily be counted upon. Every person lives their age. Many admire perfection, many seek and a good number among them achieves. Perfection can be defined and that contributes to growth which must excel, in many instances it should be immortal on this planet. Perfection is immortal and infinitely huge. One good example is language, which is human’s immortal creation and that has dynamically changed with times. Writing about language can lead oneself write, volumes of books. One can count linguistic dictionary and thesaurus that exists.

Happy New Revolution! Err… New Year! How about sharing resolutions? One in many, I will like to share is keeping good health and spirit. Many times I feel I must celebrate New Year on my birthday and tell to myself Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! This will mean happy spinning again that will bring in another winter, spring, summer and autumn in my life. Facing season and growing with eating cuisines of the world which today is perfectly mixed, I call it world’s bhelpuri.
This concludes my resolution which is eating healthy, staying healthy and living healthy.